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It was a pleasure having you with us to share after the event, you will find all pictures and the video of that amazing night below

It’s been lovely to meet you in Dubai at the Ritossa Summit this December!


If we didn’t meet during the Summit, I’m Antonio Del Giudice, Managing Director of Benial Consultancy DWC LLC. I’m also an investor, consultant, coach and philanthropist.


My team and I would love to keep in touch and if you are up for it, hop on a call with you to discuss in greater detail what you do and share a bit about us too. 


Please feel free to reach out either via whatsapp, email or directly setting up a meeting on our calendars.

​We look forward to speaking with you!



We are a Global advisory, capital raising, financial analysis firm for portfolios & investments ranging from 20million to 250million Euros or Dollars with specialization in the following areas:

We pride ourselves in taking on niche projects that have a global impact and would love to share one we’re very excited, not just because it’s successfully raised 10Billion Euros in under 5 years but has started to revolutionize the Public Administration and Healthcare in countries like Italy.

Benial Consultancy DWC LLC is headquartered in the Dubai World Central Free Zone of Dubai with operations in Italy, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.


Feel free to visit our website to learn more about what we do.

Rare Colored Diamonds Investment

In recent years Colored Diamonds have been growing rapidly as an alternative investment opportunity. Diamonds are a tangible assets that have the ability to hedge against the inflation and they do not fluctuate in a volatile manner in comparison to other currencies. Colored Diamonds in particular allow the diversification of an investment portfolio allowing the investor to off-set against weaker long term returns as would be the case with bonds, equities and other commodities.

Investing in rare colored diamonds is an excellent reliable and constantly growing investment for short-term as well as long-term investors.


Antonio is an entrepreneur, investor, financial expert, a lifestyle design coach to UHNWI around the world and the founder of Alben Group of Companies.

My zone of genius originates from over a decade of specialized experience in financial markets, structured products, investment banking, fintech, RAIF/SIF funds, healthcare receivables and wealth management, our expertise also expands to cover private funds and capital raising. I’m an investor in fintech, start-ups and diverse projects that resonate with me to create impact on businesses and communities around the world.

I coach and consult a selective group of high performers on their financial health, relationship and lifestyle design to create greater contribution, momentum, wealth and freedom in their lives.

Feel free to visit my website to know more about me.


And of course, you are welcome to email or directly set up a meeting on our calendars. We’re always looking to meet wonderful people from around the world to create wealth and impact.



It was a pleasure having you with us to share after the event, you will find all pictures and the video of that amazing night below

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Portfolio Consultation & Strategic Oversight

Raising Capital

Product Design

(for structured & complex products)

General Partner/Limited Partner Fund Structure (Luxembourg)

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